I was born and raised in St. Louis Michigan. I was the youngest in a family of four. While growing up I loved participating in sports. I always played at full speed, which led to some great times but also to some injuries. Unfortunately, most of these injuries were broken bones, of which I had several. Dr. Jennings was my orthopaedic surgeon during this time and ultimately became a role model for me as I explored career choices.

After graduating from St. Louis High School, I went on to Michigan State University and obtained my bachelor's degree in physiology. More importantly, I met my wife-to-be during my junior year at MSU. I was fortunate enough to earn an opportunity to attend medical school at Wayne State University. Training in inner city Detroit added a wonderful dimension to the life experience of a boy who grew up in a small farming community and provided me with excellent education. During that time, I got married and settled on orthopaedic surgery as the area of medicine that I wanted to pursue.

I stayed at Wayne State University, and completed my residency in Orthopaedic surgery. I received wonderful overall training there and developed a passion for two specific areas of orthopaedics: trauma and foot & ankle. My wife and I were blessed with the first of two daughters. Once I had completed my residency, I chose to pursue an extra year of training called a fellowship. Fellowships are usually one year long and can be completed in several different areas of specialty within orthopaedics (hand, sports, spine, oncology, joint replacement, etc.). I chose trauma and was selected for the fellowship at Harborview Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Not only was this a prestigious place to further my training in trauma, but it also had a strong emphasis on foot & ankle. This turned out to be a very difficult year, with long hours and not much sleep. Despite that, it was one of the best years of my life; I knew without a doubt that I had made the correct career choice. Harborview perfectly prepared me for the type of practice that I am presently engaged in. The fellowship ended with my wife and I being blessed with our second daughter.


Throughout my many years of training, I was exposed to several wonderful instructors, many of which are world-renown. A few of these have truly become my mentors, but all have shaped me into who I am today. Upon finishing my training, I joined OrthoIndy, a spectacular orthopaedic group here in Indianapolis. It has turned out to be a wonderful place to raise our family and to practice. I spent 14 years at Methodist Hospital. Recently, I have moved my practice to St Vincent hospital (along with the entire Orthoindy trauma program). This is a trauma hospital giving me all the opportunity that I could want to care for patients who have been injured. I look forward to assisting you with your orthopaedic needs.

Tim Weber 2012