This dressing is used to debrid a wound, it is meant to go on damp and to dry completely prior to removing. The dressing is suppose to stick to the wound and in doing so, will begion to remove the less healthy tissue leaving behind only healthy tissue and thereby cleaning the wound and helping it to heal.


Fine mesh gauze (Do not use telfa or nonstick materials)

Normal saline

Ace wrap or tape


Use the normal saline to just barely moisten the fine mesh gauze. Wring out any excess saline and place only on the wound, not on the healthy skin as it will macerate the skin. Then cover with a dry fine mesh gauze. Maintain the dressing in the correct position with an ace wrap or with tape. In some occations this can also be accomplished with an elastic stocking. Eight to twelve hours later, the dressing is removed. It is suppose to stick to the wound and as the wound becomes more healthy it will bleed with the removal of the dried dressing. This is not only preferable, but anticipated. Do not wet the dressing when you remove it. (See images below)

Tim Weber 2012